The LOINC Mapping Validator

This web-based LOINC mapping validation tool uses the LOINC Mapping Validator library to check whether the LOINC mappings for the records in a given CSV file are appropriate. Currently the validator only considers the unit of a record. It works best if the units used are UCUM units and can only recognize a limited number of non-UCUM units. This validator may be improved down the road to support more non-UCUM units and to take into account the values as well as some other factors during validation.
While this is a web-based tool, your data will be processed in your browser and will not be sent to or stored on any servers. The results file will be saved/downloaded to your computer. Depending on your browser's configuration (settings), you may either be prompted to select a location to save, or the file will be saved to the pre-configured default location (usually the "Downloads" folder). The result file will contain all the columns in the original input file plus 5 new columns to indicate the validation results. For more details on the result file, including the interpretation of the results, please see output file format.
There are different flavors of CSV formats. There is no guarantee that this tool will work with all of them, but the csv file saved from Microsoft excel should work. In order to use this validator:
  • The input file must be in CSV format using comma as the column separator.
  • The first row must be the header (column names) row and column names must be unqiue.
  • There must be a column for the LOINC number and a column for the unit.
  • If the value in the cell contains commas, double quotes or newlines characters, you will need to enclose the value in double quotes and where you want to use double quotes, repeat them twice.
    (Example: A cell value of Say "Hi" would become "Say ""Hi""".)
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Batch Validation of LOINC Mappings in CSV Files

Please select the file to validate, fill out the LOINC number column name and the unit column name fields below, and then click the "Validate" button to process the file. For requirements on the input file format, please expand the introductory descriptions in the section above using the "Show more..." link there.

CSV File to Validate:
What is the column name for the LOINC number?
What is the column name for the UCUM unit?

It may take a while. When it finishes, depending on your browser's configuration, it will either ask you to specify where to save the results file, or directly save to your browser's pre-configured save location. For details on the result file format, please see output file format.

Other Ways to Use the LOINC Mapping Validator